Friday, September 27, 2013

WEAR IT : Just sick humor.

Hello there my sweet voodoo dolls. First, I really don't know where the hell I get my inspiration for this look, (I'm just looking in my closet and then suddenly puffff). I already posted it on lookbook, and there are some people asking me 'bout this semi-hoteltranslyvania-inspired-look. So, these are some of the questions.

Are you a photographer? 'Coz you have a good shots.

Hi! Am I a photographer? How I wish! BTW, I have a camera but I don't label myself as a photographer. Hehe! Well, these photos are captured by my friend which is very close to me. I actually made the concept but he's the one edited it. He's really a good photographer. His name is Anthony Edward G Paraguya. You can check his page ♥

Tell me something about you wear.

While reading this question, I was like, LOL :)) It's just like I was interviewed by some sort of a very strict-pokerface-virgin-manager. Well sorry for that. Something about I wear? Okay let's start with the outer wear, it's a flower-collar black sleeve. I normally use it when I'm in a formal occasion. The inner wear, it's just a boring white lace shirt, in other term maybe a fancy sando. LOL XD . The dreamy black lace skirt, the skirt I really loved the most.