Friday, September 27, 2013

WEAR IT : Just sick humor.

Hello there my sweet voodoo dolls. First, I really don't know where the hell I get my inspiration for this look, (I'm just looking in my closet and then suddenly puffff). I already posted it on lookbook, and there are some people asking me 'bout this semi-hoteltranslyvania-inspired-look. So, these are some of the questions.

Are you a photographer? 'Coz you have a good shots.

Hi! Am I a photographer? How I wish! BTW, I have a camera but I don't label myself as a photographer. Hehe! Well, these photos are captured by my friend which is very close to me. I actually made the concept but he's the one edited it. He's really a good photographer. His name is Anthony Edward G Paraguya. You can check his page ♥

Tell me something about you wear.

While reading this question, I was like, LOL :)) It's just like I was interviewed by some sort of a very strict-pokerface-virgin-manager. Well sorry for that. Something about I wear? Okay let's start with the outer wear, it's a flower-collar black sleeve. I normally use it when I'm in a formal occasion. The inner wear, it's just a boring white lace shirt, in other term maybe a fancy sando. LOL XD . The dreamy black lace skirt, the skirt I really loved the most.

Monday, April 8, 2013

WEAR IT: Cropped top & High waist shorts ♥

Hello babies! Here's my semi summer look. I already posted some of it on my Facebook account and there are some folks been asking(PM) me 'bout the outfit. So as much as possible I'll answer it one by one. So enjoy babies ♥

P.S "Oh my! That awkward turtle face when I saw my tummy :( I'm sorry. The captured photos are done after we eat. That was a big meal actually :("

Where did you buy your shirt?

Hi! Because I'm a cheap person, I actually bought it from "UKAY-UKAY" or used clothing. (You can find good stuff there!) It's just an old, boring, XL shirt. And I changed/cut it into "Cropped Shirt".

Did you make your own shirt?

Yep! I'm used to it actually. You can try it also ♥

Did you dye your shorts?

Unfortunately, no my my dear :( But I know how to do it. ♥

Where did you buy your ombre shorts? ♥ I love her stuffs.

Where did you buy your Dr. Martens boots? . They also have good stuff there.♥

Who is your Photographer?

Anthony Edward G Paraguya. He's a good friend of mine. He's a good photographer also. Check his page♥

Saturday, March 16, 2013

WEAR IT : DIY Fringe

fringe fringe fringe fringe

Photographers :

Lemuel Costan

Jhay De Guzman

Daniel Ganal Dumuk

Do it yourself fashion is further distinguished from mass produced clothing by its use of patches and embellishments to create one of a kind fashion statement. DIY comes in many flavors, and the various offshoots try hard to distance themselves from each other.





As easy as 123

WEAR IT : Some Vintage

vintage vintage1

Photographer: Anthony Edward G Paraguya

The Vintage Fashion has come to believe their own hype, that the wearing of vintage clothing bestows an automatic veneer of creativity and difference. Yes, you are unlikely to bump into someone in the same frock if you buy vintage, however, the increasing availability of high quality vintage at (sometimes very) high quality prices means that a person with a good disposable income can buy themselves a little piece of that look without having to put in a great deal of effort. The dealer did it all for you. You didn’t dig that 50s day dress out of a pile of dirty sheets, lovingly restore it to it’s former glory and tailor it to fit you like a glove.



SHORTS : DIY SHORTS "from old skinny jeans" (LEVIS )